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Deregistering Your Charity

Deregistering Your Charity

If your charity ceases to operate after it has been registered (i.e. it has wound-up or dissolved), your governing board will have to inform the Commissioner of Charities (COC) or your Sector Administrator (SA) within 7 days of the passing of resolution to wind-up or dissolve the charity.

How to Deregister

Along with the notification, your charity is required to submit the following documents to the COC or your SA:

  • Final set of financial statements up to the date of winding-up or dissolution;
  • Final copy of annual reports;
  • Minutes of general meeting in which resolution was passed to dissolve the charity; and
  • Proof of distribution of remaining funds in accordance with the charity’s governing instrument (e.g. receipts from organisation(s) which donations have been made to).