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Naming Your Charity

Naming Your Charity

There are rules on the words your organisation can use in its name if it is intending to be registered as a charity. Your organisation’s name cannot be:

  • similar to an existing charity;
  • misleading, as to the true nature of the charitable purposes and activities, to the public;
  • containing offensive words; or
  • entirely in foreign language. It must include an English term to differentiate the nature of your organisation (e.g. Te​mple, Church, etc.);

Your organisation’s name may contain the word:

  • “Singapore” or its abbreviation if it is used within brackets at the end of its name, e.g. ABC Charity (Singapore) to indicate your organisation​​’s place of registration;
  • “International” if your organisation has objects and activities serving beyond the community in Singapore; or
  • “Foundation” if your organisation is (a) self-funded by an individual, family or for-profit company to aid your organisation’s intended charitable purposes, or (b) financed by an endowment.