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Code for Commercial Fund-Raisers

Code for Commercial Fund-Raisers

From time to time, charities may engage commercial fund-raisers to solicit donations on their behalf for charitable, benevolent and philanthropic purposes. As part of the Commissioner of Charities (COC)’s continuing efforts to equip and educate various intermediaries in the charity sector to do their part in creating a safe giving eco-system, the COC has introduced a Code for Commercial Fund-raisers (“the Code”) to guide them on their responsibilities.

The Code, which was developed with inputs from key stakeholders of the sector, serves as a reference for charities on the professional standards they should expect from the Commercial Fund-raisers to ensure that their charities' reputation and interest are safeguarded. The Code also helps the public to understand the expected practices of commercial fund-raisers, and be aware of the necessary information and respect they should be accorded without facing undue pressure in giving.

Salesworks Pte Ltd, trading as Supportworks, is a subscriber to the Code.

Should you be a Commercial Fund-raisers and would like to subscribe to the Code, please write in to mccy_charities@mccy.gov.sg.

You can download the Code for Commercial Fund-raisers to find out more.