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Fund-Raising for Local Charitable Purposes

Fund-Raising for Local Charitable Purposes

House to House and Street Collections (HHSC) Licence

Under the HHSC Act, a HHSC permit is required (unless exempted in the circumstances described below) if one is collecting money or other property by way of appealing to the public, visiting houses to house or soliciting in streets or other places or a combination of such means.

A HHSC licence is not required if one is conducting any of the following:

  • A private collection that is confined to friends or relatives;
  • Making an appeal through the telephone or the media such as the internet and newspapers or sending out appeal letters by post; and
  • A collection that is carried out by full or associate member of the National Council of Social Service (NCSS) or the Community Chest.  However, a written approval from the Chief Executive Officer of the NCSS has to be obtained before the collection.

The HHSC Act does not apply to collec​tions made using unmanned collection boxes.  Therefore, no licence is required under the HHSC Act if there is no person using face-to-face means to actively reach out to any other person to encourage donations at such boxes.

An application for HHSC licence can be done through the following website:

  • Singapore Police Force (for non-NCSS members) via GoBusiness Licensing; or
  • NCSS (for Community Chest and NCSS full or associate members only).

For more information on the above, please visit the Singapore Police Force’s website.

Other Types of Permits or Licences

There may be other permits or licences from other agencies which one need to apply in order to carry out a specific type of fund-raising activity.  For instance, if one is intending to collect recyclable waste for fund-raising purpose may require a licence from the National Environment Agency (NEA).  To find out more, please visit GoBusiness Licensing.